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Detoxification, Waste Elimination and diet – Are They Connected?

Proper elimination of toxic waste from the body, is one of the key element in achieve successful, and permanent diet. Yet so many people begin a diet or diet program and neglect this one, very important aspect of diet and weight management.

Detoxification, and the elimination of waste from the body is not exactly the most pleasant topic are process to deal with, but it is critical for losing weight and maintaining overall health. If you are starting a diet program, and you want to make detox a part of that program that you must remember that the buildup of toxic waste in your body may have taken 10, 20, 30, or even 50 years to accumulate. So don’t expect overnight results from detoxification program.

The elimination of toxic waste from the body can be uncomfortable, but better to have some minor discomfort now than to have major illness later on in life. The total elimination of all toxicity from the body can take weeks to months and in some cases even years. But within days you will be losing weight and feeling enormously more energetic and vibrant.

The majority of people who begin a detoxification program never see it through to the end. They may get some uncomfortable feeling, and some discomfort, and give up the program before it has a chance to work.

For a simple, natural and straightforward detoxification program that you can start today is as follows. You can start the program by increasing the amount of water you drink each day, at least 12 to 14 glasses of water each day.

Each high water content food in its natural state as close to nature as possible that is lots of fruits and vegetables. Each of a lot of fruits and a natural fresh fruit juices every morning between 7 AM and 12 PM, with no other food. This will give the body time to cleanse while absorbing vital nutrients, and freeing up energy to go through the detoxification process.

Get rid of all the flesh foods in your diet, along with all dairy products, and any animal byproducts during your detoxification process. Meat and dairy products create the most toxins in the body and therefore should be eliminated from your diet.

No refined foods should be eaten at this time that is refined sugar, refined flour, and other processed foods. Definitely no caffeine, or caffeinated beverages should be consumed during your detoxification.

Try to eat 85% of your food raw unnatural, stay away from processed foods that is foods in a can, box or bag. In order to assist your digestive tract in eliminating the waste do not combine foods high in protein, with foods high in carbohydrates or sugar.

If your ball or movements have not increased to at least three at the, then you might need to take a colon cleanse.

There are lots of Colin cleanse is on the market but care should be taken, to make sure that any colon cleanse you are going to use is 100% natural, with no additives, preservatives or coloring.

Most people that are heavy meat eaters will be surprised at the amount of weight they will loose during the detoxification process and a proper colon cleanse. This is because the colon can hold up to 150 pounds off imbedded fecal matter that has been accumulating for a number of years.

So the goal here is to give your digestive system a clean slate in order to process, digest, absorb and eliminate food from the digestive system. This will give you a head start in your diet program.

Source by Jonathon D Koch

The Secret to Nutrisystem diet

I guess if you look at it in terms of pounds lost, smaller clothing worn, and lifestyle changes, most would consider my Nutrisystem journey to be a success. I have lost most of the weight that I wanted to lose and have kept it off. And, I’m reasonably confident that I will be able to maintain this and not regain the weight. I also look at food in a much more healthy and less obsessive way.

So, the other day, a coworker asked me what my secret was. Because, she knew someone else who had been on this diet who had not had the same sort of lasting success. I think that she suspected that I skipped meals or didn’t add in the sides with each meal or was exercising in a way that was dangerous or unhealthy. None of these things was true. There might be a few things that have helped contribute to my success. I’ll let you decide if you want to call them “secrets” or not. But, I’ll share them in the following article.

Is The “Friendly Glycemic Index” The Secret To Nutrisystem?: Most experts will tell you that this diet is mostly effective because the carb to calorie to protein ratio of the foods that they give you are such that they encourage ketosis. This makes your body burn more fat for fuel since it doesn’t have free reign on continuous carbs (that you likely had been providing previously.)

Now, I will certainly concede that this most certainly helps. I mean, less calories in and more calories burned or out is all very well and good and I know that this does work. But, adding in a little additional fat burning can only help and can sometimes offer quicker and better results. This is always a good thing because it’s the results that keep you wanting to continue on. Very few people are going to stay on a diet and tough it out when they aren’t getting the pay off of the results. So yes, the glycemic consideration does help. And, I firmly believe in it – so much so that in the beginning stages of the diet I was never without ketone strips to make sure that this diet was doing it’s job and getting me in ketosis.

What I Think Is The Real Secret To Nutrisystem (And To Those Who Lose A Lot Of Weight On It:) As I hope you can see, I very much appreciate the low amount of carbs in these foods, but I think that the real key to this diet runs a little deeper. I believe the real secret to success with this diet is that the maker’s understand the psychological hurdles that dieters face. The company seems to really understand the realities that no one wants to talk about.

What I mean by this are things like this: I am inherently lazy. I don’t want to have to “work” too hard for the results. Yes, I’m willing to change what I eat somewhat. I know that I won’t be eating my favorite meals every single day at every single meal. But, I can’t deny that I want to enjoy what I’m eating. I want to be able to look forward to a meal every once in a while. And, I don’t want to be kept away from foods and desserts that I actually enjoy very much. I mean, I don’t want to have to say goodbye to burgers and chocolate cake forever.

I also do not want to be a gourmet cook. It shouldn’t be difficult to come up with the foods that are going to help me lose weight. I remember trying to learn how to make a cheese cake with an almond crust for the zone diet. The cake was good but it took me about two hours to make it and I knew when I was enjoying it that I would never put in that effort again. Working that hard is just not sustainable over any length of time.

The company seems to understand this because they do most of the work for you. They provide most of the foods that you’ll consume. They’ve already counted the sugars, carbs, proteins and calories. They’ve listed every thing out for you so that you don’t have to guess at when or how or what to eat. They’ve provided free counseling that requires only that you log on to your computer or pick up the phone to use it. In short, they anticipated every objection or difficulty that you might have and have either eliminated it or fully addressed it.

Finally, if I had to define what I do that I would classify as my “secrets,” it would only be a few things. To me, the real key to this whole thing is choosing your foods well. (I always go with the custom package so that I can hand pick what I want.) I know that as long as I’m happily eating the foods, I’m not going to be temped to go off my regimen. And, sure, the Nutrisystem pizza, burgers, and chocolate aren’t exactly what I’d be eating off the diet, but they are acceptable, pretty good tasting, and they mean my jeans continue to get smaller. I still purchase ketone strips because this makes me know that I’m going to be accountable when I cheat.

And it finally got through my hard head that working out even just a little bit was going to make this go a lot faster. I will never love the gym and I will probably never go. So, I accept this about myself in the same way that I accept my being lazy about cooking. Instead, I just power walk after dinner or I walk home from my son’s school after I drop him off. This is five miles and it was hard at first, but now, I actually enjoy this and reload my MP3 every weekend in anticipation for the week ahead.

Source by Ava Alderman

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