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Hydroxycut Side Effects – Can You Lose Weight Fast using Hydroxycut, Without any Side Effects?

As one of the most heavily-promoted diet supplements on the market, Hydroxycut Side Effects have become a big issue in diet. Can you use Hydroxycut for fast diet – without suffering through any of a list of frequent side effects? (For more information on this, go to the website listed in the Resource Box below this article.)

Hydroxycut is a product made by MuscleTech, a well-known supplement manufacturer. It is a “thermogenic” compound, meaning that it helps you to burn off more fat by raising your metabolism. It contains both natural and laboratory-made ingredients, including well-known fat burning substances – some of which are used in many others thermogenic supplements.

(Note: The original form of Hydroxycut contained Ephedra. When widespread dangerous ephedra side effects became fully known, bottles of Hydroxycut were quickly removed from store shelves under Federal mandate! MuscleTech then had to scramble to create an Ephedra-free version of Hydroxycut, to avoid those dangerous side effects – and prevent another multi-nation-wide recall. Thus, I will only be discussing the Ephedra-free version of Hydroxycut, from this point onwards…)

Here are the known benefits of Hydroxycut, in regards to diet:

-increased amount of fat loss and diet

-increased speed of fat loss and diet

-increased energy and stamina

-stronger and more successful workouts

-some reports of decreased appetite as well (which would obviously be a further advantage to those trying to lose fat)

Now before you run off and buy a year’s supply of Hydroxycut, I’m going to be honest with you. There are some very substantial problems associated with using this diet supplement. In fact, over 90% of those who take Hydroxycut have reported serious Side Effects from its use!

This may be a shock to you, but don’t worry. Fortunately for you, I’m going to reveal Insider Secrets to using Hydroxycut for fast diet, while avoiding most of those side effects. (And possibly, losing weight quickly without ANY side effects!)

But first, you need to understand what those side effects are – so we can solve them together.

1) ALL diet supplements are still drugs. So they all have side effects.

2) The more frequently-reported Hydroxycut Side Effects include: blurred vision, nose bleeds, restlessness and hyperactivity, increased heart rate, increased/decreased blood pressure, dizziness, light-headedness, headaches. There are even some reports of vaginal yeast infections, body rashes and acne outbreaks!?

3) One particular side effect that is cause for great concern, is arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat). Hydroxycut users have reported feeling their heart skip beats – and even “stall”!

4) A concern for men in particular, are reports of Hydroxycut-caused impotence. In fact, the bottle’s label does note the potential for “sexual side effects”. Since decreased blood pressure has been widely reported, this would be the most likely suspect for causing the difficulty in achieving and maintaining erections, in men using Hydroxycut.

In addition, many of those who claim success using Hydroxycut, also participated in a diet and exercise regimen during the same period. So there is no way to know for sure, if they would have succeeded without using Hydroxycut.

Even worse, after you suffer through some or all of the above side effects, you then find that your success is short-lived. ALL diet pills only work for a short period. The typical diet pill user finds that after awhile, your body builds up resistance to the pill’s effects – the pills lose potency!

This potency problem is much worse, in this new, ephedra-free version of Hydroxycut. Almost all of those who used the previous, Ephedra version, have found that the new ephedra-free version, produces “watered down” results.

Diet pills all come with the promise of “easy diet”, but we have seen that using Hydroxycut can produce Side Effects accompanying its use – and a long list of them! However, as I told you above there ARE ways to minimize (or even eliminate) these side effects – yet still lose weight rapidly and easily! And I discuss exactly how to do that, in the next article in this series at:

Source by Ron R

Trikke For diet and Fitness – 5 Quick Tips to Get You Moving While Losing Weight & Having Fun

Losing and maintaining weight and keeping fit is a lifetime goal that requires dedication and patience to achieve and maintain. Although the key to accomplishing this goal is solely simple; ie, proper exercise and a well balanced diet, as you know, "simple" does not necessarily mean "easy". Moreover, your real challenge lies in your ability to maintain your newly earned and hard-won fit physique. This is most easily accomplished with increased toning of your muscles, while of course, staying lean.

Fortunately, with the advent of the Trikke cambering vehicle, gaining and maintaining a healthy form has never been easier or more exciting. If you love getting out and enjoying the outdoors, and you've not experienced the Trikke scooter yet, you're in for a treat!

As a human powered vehicle, your Trikke HPV requires your continuous body movement in order to launch it and keep it going. The Trikke is actually easier to learn than mastering a bicycle, which is a really good thing for some of us out-of-shape over 20-somethings 🙂

After your initial lesson to get comfortable on your new Trikke, you can start an outdoor adventure program that serves also as a diet and fitness regimen by following these five steps:

  1. Propel your Trikke scooter and start your workout. Alternately push and pull the handlebars to generate a slow forward movement. To maintain the momentum, you will continue lean and push the handlebars towards the right, then left. For beginners, propelling the Trikke may take time and practice. Regardless of whether you can propel your Trikke scooter on your first try or after several attempts, the continuous arm thrusts required to move your Trikke forward gives your arm and shoulder muscles a great workout. But the benefits are not limited to just your arms and shoulders … read on, my friend!

  2. Start cruising on your Trikke scooter and tone your core muscles. You need to twist your upper body in a series of "S" turns while slowly leaning your weight into the inside of the turn to start cruising. This will cause a continuous and rhythmic contraction of your core muscles, previously your abs, back and hip muscles. Over time, with regular Trikke training, these muscles will appear well-defined and toned.

  3. Accelerate your Trikke, burning fat to lose weight. You will learn to regulate your speed while cruising along on your Trikke by using different groups of muscles.

    To achieve maximum speed, you have to start moving your upper and lower body synchronously by applying a little weight or kick on your right foot when turning left and vice versa upon reaching what many Trikke riders term as the "sweet spot."

    In order to gain speed, more muscles need to contract, hence more energy will be needed causing fats to be burned to supply the needed energy. In fact, studies have estimated that riding the Trikke at a speed of 15 km / hr will burn approximately 500 Kcal per hour. Cruising at a faster rate of 17.5 km / hr will burn up to 700 kcal per hour. And upon reaching the maximum speed, you will end up burning more than 1000 kcal per hour.

    This is an effective, not to mention fun way for you to achieve diet while enjoying the exhilaration of speeding your Trikke around your neighborhood or taking your Trikke on vacation to better see the local sites.

  4. Just like anything, the more you ride your Trikke, the better you will get at it. As they say "Practice Trikke-ing makes perfect Trikke-ing." (Just kidding,: -0 "they" do not really say that.) As you continue Trikke-ing, you will learn to tone specific parts of your body. As you become proficient on your Trikke, you will learn to control the degree of your body movement while cruising along. If you want to work specific muscle groups, you can always increase or decrease the twisting of your body while speeding along on your Trikke.

    Furthermore, changing the height of the handlebars on your Trikke will also help work different muscle groups. Raising the Trikke handlebars will result in greater lower body workouts. The higher you raise your handlebar, the easier it is to perform the right and left rocking motion on the front wheel. This will make your lower body work more in the push off.

    On the other hand, the lower the handlebars on your Trikke are positioned, the more you have to bend and thrust your arms into the handlebars. This will give your upper body more of a workout.

  5. Trikke uphill and enhance your cardiopulmonary workout. One of the hardest things to accomplish in Trikke-ing is propelling your Trikke scooter up a steep incline. Only advanced riders can master this because of its level of difficulty. Riding against gravity will require more power, and the higher the hill you need to climb, the more difficult your progress will become. Since muscle contraction through coordinated body movements is the driving force behind the forward motion of your Trikke scooter, more power translates to more muscles contracting. This in turn requires more blood flow to the working muscles, faster heart contracting to propel the blood and faster respiration to obtain oxygen for the working muscles – a true cardiopulmonary workout all the way around.

Beginning your Trikke training program will strengthen your muscle strength and endurance, strengthen your heart and respiratory muscles, improve your circulation, help reduce your weight and give you a fit body, and improve your overall well-being. All while having great fun!

Source by Jae Winters

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