Cheat to Lose Weight – Pros and Cons of Cheating Diet Plans

There are many ways to lose weight, a lot of methods, various programs. One of the approaches which is gaining popularity lastely is “cheating” which involves eating your favorite food (even if it’s fattening) once in a while. This is supposed to actually help you to lose weight faster than otherwise.

What should you know before you cheat to lose weight? What are the pros and cons of this method?

Pro #1 – Easier to Stick to

Cheating to lose weight was developed to help more people stick to their diets for longer and to reduce the dreadful statistics which state that over 90% of diets fail. The idea was to try to work with the body and not to “punish” the body as so many other diet plans seem intent on doing. Naturally, no diet works 100% of the time, not even those which include cheating, but I believe that because you can indulge yourself on your favorite food, that these diets are easier to stick to.

Pro #2 – Higher metabolism

The problem with many of the older diet plans was that they didn’t really work with the body as well as they should have. Yes, you can lose weight if you cut down your calorie intake drastically, or stop eating fat. However, this isn’t likely to be long lasting.

The reason is that when you deprive your body you’re causing it to enter into a defensive mode and it reacts by slowing down your metabolism. A slower metabolism means less burned calories making it harder and harder for you to continue losing weights.

“Cheating”, when done right, can prevent this from happening. What “Cheating diet plans” are based on is the idea that if you only “trick” the body into believing that its not really dieting, that you’ll be able to lose weight faster and for longer since you’ll be able to maintain a higher metabolism.

Con #1 – Danger of overdoing

There is an inherent risk in any “cheating” diet plan: the risk of overdoing things. Often, if you allow people to eat their favorite foods, they will not do so in moderation. They may overeat. Cheating isn’t an invitation to overeat. Yes, you can enjoy your favorite foods, but you do need to have self-control and limit yourself to a reasonable amount.

Con #2 – Different approaches are confusing

There are many ways to “cheat” to lose weight. You can become confused and wonder which one is the best. Some will work better for one person but not the next and so on. It’s best to avoid this confusion by just picking out one diet plan that appeals to you and to go with it.

In conclusion, cheating can be a powerful way to achieve long term diet without going through too much hardship. However, all diet requires some effort, so make sure to be up to the challenge.

Source by John Davenport

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