The Anti Stress Low Calorie Weight Flushing Diet Plan

This menu is great for you to feel light all through the day while losing weight. You will lose a whole lot of weight while doing this diet plan. Also this diet plan will keep your energy levels high and stress level low. It has all the right nutrients which your body requires. Most diet plans make you feel irritable and hard to follow since you want to cope up with work pressures to try this diet plan.
For breakfast have a slice of whole wheat bread this will give you the energy you require.

You can add a glass of orange juice with this. Breakfast is essential for you to lose weight also to give you the energy your fast paced day requires. In winters you can have boiled egg with your whole wheat slice. Mid morning snack could be a glass of fresh fruit or vegetable juice. This will give you the energy while giving your body the minerals it requires. For lunch you should have a large bowl of salad with roasted vegetables or a baked potato.

You can add vegetable soup to the menu or a bean soup. Make sure you have a glass or two of water for lunch time. You add the lemon flavor to your salad or your soup. For mid afternoon snack you can have a cup of green tea since it is full of antioxidants and make you feel relaxed. If you do not want to have that you can have fresh nuts such as brazils, almonds, or walnuts. These will give you the power and energy to deal with all the day's work. For dinner you can have fish or a huge salad bowl filled with all the green vegetables. Fish and chicken are ideal for dinner time meals. You can also sprinkle some ground sesame seeds or croutons to change the taste. You can also try a home made soup or a home cooked pasta.

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