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Quick & Easy Healthy Meal Ideas

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Today I’m sharing with you a few quick & easy to make healthy meals/snacks. I hope you get some ideas and inspiration from my favorite healthy meals. Please …




Back On Track After diet Surgery: It’s Not Too Late! Lose The Weight For Good This Time!

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There are many reasons why you may have re-gained weight after diet surgery. The important thing to remember is that it is not too late! You can master the proper use of your powerful tool – for life this time! Your new beginning starts here.

This Book Will Show You How To …
★ Determine the current size of your gastric pouch
★ Understand what your meal process should be and how to manage hunger
★ Prevent stress from sabotaging your diet
★ Develop a plan that will work for you
★ Create an effective accountability system
★ Successfully work in a work-out
★ Get it right this time

This book also includes an extensive bonus section of resources to get and keep you on track!

“I would recommend this book to anyone who is struggling after having diet surgery. I had re-gained 20 pounds. I thought ‘I’ve got to try this.’ I did and I am back on track for life this time! Dr. Clark is the master at simplifying exactly what to do. You are not alone!” Marsha T

“I knew I was getting away from the things I should have been doing but wasn’t sure how to regain control again. I had a 4 month plateau along with ups and downs with my weight. I needed to get back on track fast. Dr. Clark and Dr. Reese helped me do just that. Now I know what to do (for life) without feeling deprived.” Sharon B

Mono Treatment – Diet

During mono treatment a healthy, immune-boosting diet is essential for a good recovery.

In the initial, acute stage of mononucleosis, appetite is often poor. Symptoms like nausea, a swollen throat, fever and fatigue make eating difficult. In these cases mono treatment should focus on a liquid-only diet. A liquid-only diet allows the gastrointestinal tract to rest so energy is averted to healing the body.

Liquids you could try might include broth, soups, herb teas, lemon drinks and pure water. Freshly squeezed vegetable juices based around lots of green vegetables like celery, cucumber and spinach are very cleansing during mono treatment. You can add a small amount of carrot, parsnip or beet root to sweeten your juice, or add some ginger or garlic to give it a warming effect. I always recommend that you water down your juice (about 50:50) so it is not too concentrated.

Garlic, ginger, cayenne pepper, turmeric, chili peppers, and onions are great to add to your teas, soups and juices due to their powerful health benefits on the throat and respiratory system.

During mono treatment you will also need to eliminate your intake of all dairy products and grains, because they may contribute to mucus in the body. In addition, avoid coffee, sugar, alcohol, soft drinks and artificial colors and flavorings.

When you are feeling stronger and your appetite is starting to return you can start to reintroduce some more foods. Start with fresh lightly steamed vegetables and heavier soups. If these are tolerated then you can add back some raw vegetables and salads. Eat small quantities of fresh fruits like pineapple, paw paw and kiwi fruit which are anti-inflammatory in nature. Nuts and seeds, eggs, legumes, free-range meats, poultry and fish can then be introduced. As your appetite improves you can increase your portion size.

Once you are over the acute stage of mononucleosis you need to continue your mono treatment with a long term healthy diet. For optimal immunity, make sure that you get a good supply of fresh, ripe vegetables and fruits, quality protein and essential fats. Excess grains, processed foods, alcohol and coffee should be minimized.

If you feed your body correctly during mono treatment, it is unlikely that your illness will progress into a secondary infection like bronchitis, pneumonia or a more serious condition like chronic fatigue. You will quicken your recovery and keep this nasty illness at bay for life.

Source by Elizabeth Noble

Yes You Can! Diet Plan: Collagen 30 Capsules

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Yes You Can! Diet Plan Collagen By Alejandro Chaban. Inspired and motivated by Alejandro Chaban, a famous actor that lost over 160 pounds and overcame anorexia and bulimia. He established Chaban Wellness, a company dedicated to help people to get a healthy lifestyle by providing products and nutrition tips. This diet plan focuses not only on the physical aspect of diet, but also on the emotional health and necessary support for everyone to feel amazing. It is based on four pillars: Nutrition, Emotional Health, Movement and Supplements This amazing capsule helps slow down the aging process. The product is 100% natural and has multiple benefits for your skin, reduces cellulite, stretch marks, dark spots and wrinkles. Our Collagen is great for everyone. Contents: 30 Capsules.Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body. This is a very important component for bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilages, and skin. It also protects our muscles and vital organs, and it makes part of the blood vessel walls, cornea, teeth, gums, and scalp.
The Yes You Can!TM Diet Plan Collagen, you will notice incredible changes on your skin because it is like a natural Botox.
Another 100% natural ingredient present in our supplement is the herb Gotu Kola, which activates your blood circulation, acts as a natural diuretic and prevents fatty deposits from forming
“GOTU KOLA: This herb is usually called the anti-cellulite herb. It activates your blood circulation, acts as a natural diuretic and prevents fatty deposits from forming. That is why it is very recommended in diet processes. Studies also show that gotu kola is anti-inflammatory and anti-edemic so it will help you strengthen your tissue and keep your skin smoother, fresher and younger. “
” Can help your skin look younger and fresher* • Can help strengthen hair and nails* • Can help reduce flaccidity and stretch marks in your body* • Can help promote hair and nail growth* • Can help tone your body* • Can help stick your skin to your muscles* • Can help reduce cellulite* • Can help minimize the appearance of scar tissue and age spots* • Can help strengthen your bones and joints* • Intervenes when your body is repairing cartilage* • Favors the body’s recuperation after exercising*

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