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The Bad Effect of Diet Pills On Your Health

Diet pills can be extremely dangerous for your health. If you don’t believe me just read below to know about the bad effect of diet pills on your health and why you should stay away from them. And do you know that diet pills might not work after a while in helping you lose weight. Most of these diet pills work by curbing your appetite so that you can lower you calorie intake. But if you lower your calorie intake, your metabolism rate might drop down too.

Slower metabolism will then result in slowing down your diet. So after a while people taking diet pills might notice that they are not losing much weight as they did earlier. So its really a very short term solution to diet.

The bad effect of diet pills range from heart problems, seizures, irregular heartbeat, heart attack, hair loss, nervousness, high blood pressure and many more. These are reported by people consuming such pills.

The ingredients contained in most diet pills, namely ephedrine and phentermine can also cause harmful side effects. Prolonged use of Phentermine is known to cause blurred vision, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting etc.

Ephedrine can cause heart attacks and seizures. It has been linked to many deaths by heart attacks. It can also cause sleeplessness and nervousness.

Even though many people are buying and using diet pills, they do not realize the severe damage they can be doing to their health. Most diet pills are not controlled by government or approved by FDA. The companies are just out there to make some quick bucks and you might be putting your health at risk if you are not aware of the bad effects of diet pills.

So what do you do?

Even though it is important to lose weight, keep in mind that you should look for healthy ways to lose weight.

Eat healthy, maintain an active lifestyle, eat more of fruits and vegetables, drink sufficient quantity of water every day, do moderate exercise regularly and avoid junk food if you want to stay healthy and fit and lose excess weight.

If you are serious of losing weight then I suggest you take a look at this diet program which has become super-popular recently and many people have given positive and excellent reviews about this program. It is the diet 4 Idiots Program

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You Can Burn a Lot of Calories by Playing Squash

If you have been trying to find a fun sports activity that’s going to help you be in awesome good condition and health, then squash happens to be an amazing option considering that the level of calories burned playing squash is really high. It simply put is made up of an indoor squash court with a door where 2 to 4 participants can take part in the activity. It takes decent bodily fitness, reactions and concentration to make sure you beat the other player. It goes without saying that with a stimulating workout regime like squash and the calories burnt playing squash, you will soon find yourself obtaining your goals, whether it be reaching your ideal weight, keeping yourself fit and healthy, elevating concentration or just participating in an energetic activity.

Being a very intense moving exercise, squash is considered as a great cardio exercise. Irrespective of how old you are or gender, you could expect great results from participating in squash. What you need to do is enrol at a sports centre and start with the match indoors. You’ll require your squash equipment, and Harrow squash rackets is without doubt one of the most effective makes you can consider. Not only will it allow you to experience a sport activity, but even help your hand-eye coordination, body flexibility and focus. Squash could also act as a wonderful stress reliever after your demanding day. People say it is recommended to get together with your mates for a game of squash at the end of the day to relieve the stress and remain fit as well.

A Look at Calories Burned Playing Squash:

A swift review of the calories burnt playing squash makes it possible to learn how beneficial it could be as an effective fitness sport and even a workout routine. The amount of calories you burn will generally depend on how much time you play the game and your body-weight. Also, a female participant will burn calories slightly differently than a male player. However, thinking about a body-weight of around 65 kilograms/171 lbs, what follows will provide you with a sense of the calories burned playing squash:

If you take part in the game for 10 minutes – 130 calories

When you take part in the game for 30 minutes – 390 calories.

If you take part in the game for 60 minutes/ 1 hour – 780 calories

Some authorities opine that squash will help you burn off greater calories in the equivalent time period when compared to more common energetic activities, along the lines of soccer, tennis, or basketball. It is recommended to understand that the statistics provided here is an approximate calculation and might change from person to person, however the game will almost always allow you to burn off a good amount of calories.

Squash is a great option as a fitness workout and also a stress reliever. It exercises your whole body and mind in the process, while being an amazing exercise. However, you may need suitable assistance and equipment to try out squash, which is a particularly active and high intensity game. Buy your gear right with a Harrow squash racket, appropriate clothes, and possibly assistance from an experienced trainer or instructor to prepare yourself for the game. When you are into the flow, you will notice great outcomes thanks to the calories burnt playing squash and find yourself healthier, less stressed, and enjoying your game.

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Protein Shake For diet

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