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The Pros and Cons of Taking Raspberry Ketone for diet

With the popularity of raspberry ketone, it is hard to not be curious of the diet supplement. After all, it was touted by a popular celebrity doctor as the number one miracle in a bottle. Basically, it is a compound extracted from red raspberries, and before it got famous as a diet aid, it has been used as a cosmetic ingredient. The thing about it is that it is extracted at low amounts. So, if you are thinking of just eating red raspberries to help you lose weight, then you will have to eat around ninety pounds of red raspberries every day.

But what it is the real deal with raspberry ketone? Here are the pros and cons of the diet supplement:


The supplement is natural, so it ensures a healthy diet. What it does is that it increases the levels of hormone called adiponectin in the body. The hormone speeds up metabolism, making it a natural fat blocker. Another benefit of the supplement is that it suppresses your appetite by increasing your leptin sensitivity. Leptin is a hormone that signals your brain that you have sufficient sugar in your fat cells – in short, it is what keeps you from getting hungry.

The ability of the supplement to block the formation of fat and suppress appetite is the main reason why the supplement works as an efficient diet aid. The celebrated physician may have used hyperbole in describing it, but it does work.


On the other hand, there are certain issues that may arise when you take raspberry ketone. Well, it is not really about the supplement having side effects, but it is more of your attitude towards taking the supplement. The supplement does help you lose weight even when you are just sitting down, and this is one of its attractions. However, this can get you to set unrealistic expectations. This can get you into thinking that the supplement will do everything for you and all you need is sit around, dreaming about being able to wear your skinny jeans again.

What you should remember is that diet supplements are there to “supplement”. This means they are there to complete a whole. You should do your part as well. Yes, you may be a very busy person, and you do not have the time to do routine exercise, but at least get every chance you can to walk or climb the stairs. These things may seem trivial, but they do a lot of difference.

To sum up, raspberry ketone has all the important properties of an efficient diet supplement. And, given your right attitude while taking it, it can indeed yield the results you expect or even more than you expect.

Source by Sherry R Bray

Tips On How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Are you worried about excess belly fat? Maybe your favorite jeans don’t fit you anymore or you look unflattering in your favorite cocktail dress. You definitely need to do something about that extra fat quickly! You should be aware of the consequences of obesity, and know that it is necessary to maintain a healthy weight to prevent a variety of diseases. There are several diet and diet plans available that help in weight and fat loss. But if you want to know how to lose belly fat naturally, here are some methods that are just as effective.

A healthy diet and exercise is necessary for rapid diet. As for your diet, you do not need to starve yourself, you can just avoid fatty foods and replace them with healthy alternatives. I suggest you eat 4 – 5 small, healthy meals each day. As for exercise, a combination of weightlifting and cardio is best for fat loss. Now let’s look at these methods in detail.

Food you should eat: Vegetables and fruits are the best options for health products that you can include in your diet diet. They contain all the necessary nutrients and almost no fat. Fish is a good choice, because it contains omega-3 fatty acids and proteins that are necessary for the body. You can also include low-fat yogurt, low-fat milk, olive oil, nuts and seeds, whole grains, beans, legumes, tofu, soy, herbal tea etc. in your diet. Consuming food with a high protein content is a necessity if you’re working out regularly.

Foods to avoid: All junk and processed foods such as pizza, burgers, chips, desserts, etc. should be excluded from your diet. Second, avoid eating fatty and fried foods, like fried chicken, butter, cheese, cakes, croquettes, etc. Meat and chicken with a thick sauce, macaroni and cheese, etc. contain excess calories and therefore should be avoided. Chocolate, sweets, desserts, cakes, pastries, ice cream, are also loaded with calories and therefore should not be part of your diet.

Drink water: Have you heard about the benefits of drinking water to lose weight? Having a sufficient amount of water (8 – 10 glasses) daily helps increase your metabolism, which further helps in quick fat loss. Water is also one of the best natural appetite suppressant. You can drink a glass of water before meals to curb appetite, which consequently leads to diet.

Exercise: Exercise is a must if you want to lose belly fat fast. Cardiovascular exercises like swimming, running, jogging, brisk walking, etc. help in burning fat. Another effective way of burning fat is by doing DVD workout programs at home.

Reduce stress: Stress is another factor that affects your weight. It has been observed that people tend to eat a lot when under stress. Therefore, you should avoid eating sweets and try to reduce stress as much as possible to maximize your fat loss. Meditation and yoga are considered to be the best methods for dealing with stress. Pursuing a hobby, or spending more time with close friends or family members, may also help in reducing stress.

Sleep: A good night’s sleep is important for having a healthy body and mind. Therefore, having a sound sleep for more than 6 hours is critical.

Now that you’ve read my tips on how to lose belly fat naturally, it should be easier to understand how to deal with losing weight!

Source by Alexander Persson

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