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How to Lose Weight Without Movement and Strenuous Exercise

Long before the treadmill was ever invented a stationary exercise was discovered by the Chinese over 2700 years ago that helped people lose weight and strengthen not only their body, but also their mind from the inside out. Instilled in this exercise are philosophies perfected through thousands of years of cultural and spiritual evolution.

Taoist sages discovered that the secret to health did not lie from external sources or physical exertion but great from within, when the body was stilled. Like a tree, in stillness one's body flourished from the inside out, became strong and healthy and in harmony with nature bringing the disbalances within the practitioners body back to a state of childlike serenity, where agility, health and peace of mind are a native phenomenon .
Through years of extensive research, the old masters discovered that the body and mind were akin to a midnight lake reflecting the soft glow of the moonlight. When one's body was not calm, the trembling surface of the lake distorted the image of the moon, but when one stilled the mind the body and mind gained a perfect reflection of the heavens, still and strong.

One of the main problems with exercise and health today, and really just the same as with most other aspects in our lives; by the time we realize our habits are beginning to affect us negatively, it is often already too late to do anything about it. People smoke every day, and then get cancer. Drink alcohol and have their liver fail, or in our case, lead an unbalanced life with a bad diet and well … get FAT. Now, being fat really would not be that much of an issue if that's all it was. Unfortunately being overweight is a state of disbalance which causes a lot of internal problems; motor problems, muscle problems, organ problems, nervous problems … And by the time all these things kick in enough that we start to take notice, most of the exercise regiments online or at the local gym are simple too demanding on your body to undertake regularly. Often they just simply hurt too much to do because your body has become so weak.

This is where the Western exercise regimes find their limits.

So today, I'm going to share this ancient exercise with you and I can guarantee you, that if you do this every day for just 30 to 60 minutes a day. Your health will come back, your body will become strong, your skin clear, your mind calm. Your diet needs will change on their own from the inside out as if someone changed your configuration from within and you will lose weight.

The name of the exercise is called Post Standing or Zhang Zhuang and this is how to do it:

What you need:

Performing this exercise outside is preferred, but if you feel uncomfortable a well ventilated room will suffice.

Wear loose fitting clothes.

What to do:

  • Stand up right, keep your spell straight
    – Legs shoulder width apart.
    – Keep your chin parallel to the ground
    – Relax your shoulders
    – Bend your knees so when you look down naturally your toes are obscured from the view
    – Raise both your hands in front of you at chest high (just below your throat) and spread your fingers as if you were holding on to a big barrel or inflatable beach ball pressing against your chest
    – Calm your breathing and concentrate on your belly button

    Duration 30 – 60 Mins.

    Things to expect:

  • You may experience pain in areas where you have problems as your body tries to clear and rebalance itself from the inside out.
    – Your legs, hands, body may start to tremble.
    – You may heat up and start to sweat.
    – Your heart rate may increase.
    – You may feel cold, warm, tingling sensations.

    All these symptoms are indications that your body is beginning to clear blockages and rebalances itself from the inside out. If you practice regularly, you will notice you will begin to feel better, calmer, want to eat and sleep less, have more energy, enjoy sex more, and be less hateful, jealous and angry.

    As you still your mind like the water of the evening lake the moons reflection will become perfect. In the same way your body will become perfect from the inside out and your ailments will disappear. You need not move, just stand still and this ancient exercise will take care of you. From nothing emerges everything and from the persistence of Zhan Zhuang practice, that will health come forth in your life.

    Millions of people all over the world practice this exercise daily, from monks in temples to business men in billion dollar corporations. They have all similarly found the powerful effects of post standing on a daily basis. Post Standing is the basis in 100s of forms of Kung Fu and is considered the pillar of strength, longevity and an integral component of spiritual cultivation.

    Info Bite: Li Ching Yuen the oldest man to have ever lived who died at the age of 256 practiced a variation of these same forms of exercises.

    It may seem odd that standing still can be considered an exercise, much less an activity that can actually help you lose weight or rejuvenate your health, but trust me … you will feel it when you do the work. I know a lot of people who can not hold the pose for 5 minutes before they start panting and buckle under the strain. It is not magic, these exercises have been refined for thousands of years and have been practiced for just as long in the east. The west is merely now beginning to scratch the surface and explore these chapters of the eastern medical history.

    At first you may yourself have difficulty holding it for a long time. Start with 5 minutes, then as your endurance increases move on to 10, 15, 30 – 60 minutes per day.

    Some of you reading this may try it once or twice, but those who make a habit of it from this day onwards, will remember this article as something that changed their life forever.

    For more information on similar health practices research the words: Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors and hope that this has been a pleasant read.

Source by E. Lang

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The History of diet – Bring on the Fat Flappers

If you ever get hold of a history book, flip through and take special note of the body sizes that appeared to be the norm of each time period. Body weight and ideal have changed over the years, just as they continue to do now. What is in fashion can be dictated by the type of clothing that is in vogue – some styles just require a thinner frame to lay right. Some cultures will worship the larger members because it is a sign of prosperity- only the rich can be fat after all. Americans have that one back – here only the rich are the super thin.

Why is that? Is it because the wealthy are being fed some "magic" food that allows them to stay ultra-thin? In all reality, the rich are staying that way because they are being fed teeny-tiny, designer meals produced by personal chefs and they have trainers, nutritionists and others working around the clock to keep them that way. There is no magic involved.

Thin and fat have knocked each other off the top of the popularities charts for hundreds of years. Look at the creation of some of the worlds most renovated artists; look at the models that they chose to work with. Ruben would be laughed out of the art community if he were alive to day and still going the same models. His plump and juicy lasses were definitely not the waif-thin and underfed gals that pass as models these days, were they?

Now, have a look at another era. Look at the Flappers for instance. Knock-kneed, flat-chested and very thin, the Flappers were the ideal for that time. Of course, there were probably the Rubenesque women who longed to shimmy into a sheath dress as well, but history certainly is not showing them. Even then, it was the body type that typifies the standard of the day that gets the notice while the others are ignored, or worse, ridiculed.

When thin was in fashion, dieting became the norm. The most extreme diet then is the most extreme dieting now – fasting. Religious leaders and their devoted followers would fast for days on end and would experience diet (of course) as well as the potential for visions. If the fast lasted too long, the diet would have followed up with death so the pasters started putting two and two together. Not eating equaled diet, but could equal death as well. The aha moment is followed quickly by the adaptation of the fast: A modified fast.

Sometimes during the fasting and the modified fasting and the starving and the dying, science discovered the calorie and the dieting industry was born. Now, doctors and snake oil salesman alike had a word to shout at you as well as a number to recommend. Nobody fully understood the diet nor had daily requirements been discovered yet, so no one knew how many calories a person needed or from what foods those calories should even come from.

The early doctors caught on that starving themselves did not work because it led them to their deaths. Eating less did work so they would stick to an extremely low calorie count; around 1000 calories. The problem with staying that low is it is impossible to keep the body healthy, whole and well. What they found then is the same thing that a dieter trying to subsist on that calorie count now would find: You can not survive on it.

As more study was done and science starting revealing the concept of metabolism and the body's own processes, the smart dieter put a twist on the 1000 calorie diet to stave off the body's own destruction of itself. They would remain at the magic number but all of those calories would come from protein and the birth of the first extreme protein diet fad was ushered in. The problem here was the same as the next all protein diet, and the one after that, as well as the problem with all other extreme diets in general: Any diet that allows you, forces you or encourages you to eat only one food group or type and forbids, limits or ignores all others is unhealthy and is pre-destined to eventual failure.

Remember a few years ago when the protein diet reared its head again? Suddenly everyone is eating burgers, but no buns. You could have a pan full of bacon, but you could not have toast to sop up the grease with. Eat a pound of beef at every meal, but do not you dare let a potato touch your lips. The list of vegetables that were on the no-no list for this diet was unreal and even worse- fruit was just as forbidden as a slab of Death by Chocolate cake. Fruit was forbidden on the protein diet and was as vilified as any dessert. All fruits. All the time.

But, extreme protein diets, modified fasts and other diet efforts are not easy and even back then, humans were looking for the easier way to lose weight. Before anyone thinks that modern man has the corner on the market for diet gadgets and gimmicks, then know this: In the 1900s one of the first diet pills was developed, along with tonics, elixirs and other products all meant to tone and trim without the tedium of actually having to watch what you ate or exercise. Among those first pills was one which contained benzocaine, which would not only dull the taste buds but would produce an odd, tingling sensation in the mouth which would make it harder to enjoy food, hopefully leading to the user to eat less. Well, yes, that would work since most people do not eat if they can not feel their mouth, but the side effect would have chomping through your tongue on a daily basis. Of course, there are still people who do a modified version of this concept to this very day. They brush their teeth after every meal or whenever they feel hungry. The concept is that no one wants to ruin that squeaky clean feeling in their mouth and between who wants minty fresh potato chips?

Every person wants us to believe something different about diet. The doctor wants us to believe that we are in dire need of metabolic help so that he can prescribe us the newest prescription medication. The gym gurus and gadget gods wants us to exercise, but only using their equipment. The infomercials wants us to use their pillow, powder, potion, cream or what have you. Authors turned expert or vice versa want us to buy their books. Watch my video, listen to my inspirational tapes; buy, buy buy. In the end, the only thing getting thinner is your wallet and all of the gear and goods in the world is not going to help you if you do not learn the very basics of diet. You have to exercise. You need the right amount of calories and you need to understand what a calorie is, where it comes from and how it acts in your body. The next chapter will get you started on that knowledge.

Source by Graham J Sheppard

5 Shopping Tips to Burn More Fat

How often do we go to the shops and come back with everything, except what we need? When you are at home it is easy to stick to a diet program because there are so fewer distractions! It's when we go the shops that temptation strikes. However, with that being said we do still need to leave the house to purchase the necessary ingredients that make up a healthy diet.

Here are 5 tips for a healthy shopping experience:


Create a meal planner to map out your meals for the next 30 days. Do this before your next monthly shopping experience so that you know exactly what you are going to purchase!

Make sure that you are adding the right amount of fruit and vegetables to your planner for a more balanced diet.

Shop the perimeter first

The layout of stores are pretty much the same, they keep all the healthy stuff on the perimeter. So that is exactly where you need to start your shopping experience, on the perimeter of the store. Also, fresh foods tend to be healthier than ready made because you know exactly what is going into your meal. No hidden calories there!

Make a list and check it twice

Having a list prepared will make your shopping more efficient and you will not end up wandering the aisles aimlessly looking for the healthy foods. Even though you have a list, do not let it prevent you from trying new healthy foods. When forming your list, use your meal planner and do not forget to include healthy, convenient snacks!

Avoid shopping on an empty stomach

We have all experienced disciplines rapid declination when we are hungry, am I right or am I right !? It is far easier to buy those high-calorie treats when we are hungry, so at all costs avoid shopping on an empty stomach. If you do find yourself on an empty stomach while at the shops, drink some water and munch on a piece of fruit.

Understand what is in the food

Often times fat-free and low-fat contain a lot more fat than what is normally expected. Beware, nutrient labels usually only list the nutrients for one serving which can become a problem if you feel that you need more than one serving. Try comparing similar foods to each other so that you know exactly what you are buying.

The best way to prevent coming home with everything but what you needed is to be prepared! I find that the best way to finish a monthly goal is to start it on a good foot. Remember that the less junk food you keep at home the less of it you will consume!

Source by Justin Greyling

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