ALPHA ISOLATE LEAN – diet Protein for Women with Acetyl L-Carnitine & CLA ● 2-In-1 Whey Protein Isolate & Weight Management for Fat Loss & Lean Muscle Support, White Chocolate Raspberry, 1 LB

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Alpha Isolate Lean (AIL) – Superior Whey Protein Isolate & Weight Management Fusion for the Modern Woman.

The entire Alpha Woman line embraces the active lifestyle of today’s Modern Woman & Alpha Isolate Lean is no different.

Formulated to Promote The Ideal Female Physique

Alpha Isolate Lean is a fusion of the finest whey protein available and an innovative diet blend consisting of Acetyl L-Carnitine, CLA and Green Tea Extract. Based on quality, this result driven formula makes for the perfect addition to any active life style. From a quick on the go snack to a full meal replacement shake, Alpha Isolate Lean encourages both lean muscle & targeted fat loss in each and every scoop.

– 90 Calories Per Scoop with 20 Grams of Protein

Did we mention the taste is incredible??

Yeah! By working with some of the top flavor specialists in the industry, “good” simply wasn’t good enough. The release was delayed over and over again until the flavor was perfected. You are going to be able to enjoy every single serving of this one! SUPPORT LEAN MUSCLE AND STIMULATE FAT LOSS – No matter how busy you are all day; everybody wants to stay lean, is your protein doing its job? Not only does Alpha Isolate Lean (AIL) contain the finest whey isolate (no bloat) but each serving also supplies an innovative diet blend to further stimulate fat loss
BUILD LEAN MUSCLE AND NOT BULK (FLUFF) – If you’re looking to build lean muscle, this is the perfect protein for you. Cheap protein blends typically result in a high, unwanted lactose & fat content that results in bloating and stomach aches
MEAL REPLACEMENT/APPETITE SUPRESSANT – Created to be a fully functional supplement that seamlessly meshes and supports the Modern Woman’s active lifestyle, AIL can be plugged in as a complete meal replacement. Feel fuller, eat less
HIGH PROTEIN, LOW CALORIE – With 20 grams of pure whey protein isolate and only 90 calories, AIL makes for a better diet solution than any diet pill could. In conjunction with a strong diet, when consumed daily, AIL will result in diet
STIMULANT FREE diet – One of the biggest distinguishing factors of AIL is the all-natural powerful diet blend. Designed to keep your metabolism running efficiently while fueling muscle growth, it’s time to earn the ideal female physique
PROVEN QUALITY – Crafted in one the finest FDA complaint, cGMP facilities in the United States, quality is everything with Alpha Woman. From the raw ingredients to the flavor systems, everything must pass rigorous quality control measures before going to market

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