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Irish Breakfast Tea – Ingredients, Caffeine Content, and Health Benefits

Irish Breakfast tea is a popular style of strong black breakfast tea. In Ireland, this style of tea is referred to as just "tea", whereas in the US and other countries, it is referred to as "Irish Breakfast". This article gives an in-depth overview of this type of tea.

Ingredients: what is used to produce this blend?

Irish breakfast is usually, but not always a blend of black teas produced in different regions. Common types of teas used to produce the blend include Assam, produced in the Assam region of India, Ceylon, produced in Sri Lanka, and Kenyan black teas. Teas from other regions, including China, other countries, and other regions of India, can also be included.

Irish Breakfast is usually characterized by its high proportion of Assam, or teas with a similar character to Assam (such as those from Yunnan, China, or from Kenya). Some Irish-style breakfast teas even are made exclusively from Assam. If you are looking to blend your own tea in the Irish style, or purchase single origin teas that have a classic Irish flavor profile, I would recommend Assam.

Caffeine content:

Because this style of tea is valued for its powerful character and strong "wake-up" quality, teas selected for use in breakfast blends tend to have a higher caffeine content. However, the higher grades of tea which have a greater caffeine content often tend to have a smoother, mellower flavor, so lower grades with a stronger, bolder flavor are also often included in the mix too. The net effect of this tradeoff is that Irish Breakfast blends tend to be high in caffeine, but are generally not the highest in caffeine among all pure teas. Caffeine content also varies by brand and by method of preparation, but in most cases tends to be considerably less than a typical cup of coffee: 60-75 mg for a typical cup of strong tea, contrasting with 85-135mg for a typical cup of coffee.

Health benefits:

Because of its variable composition, it is hard to draw many conclusions about the health benefits of Irish Breakfast tea, but it is reasonable to assume that these benefits are similar to typical strong black teas. Although green tea often gets more attention in association with health benefits, the association of green tea with health is largely a historical accident, and can be attributed in large part to the fact that most of the early research on tea and health was conducted in Japan , where people drink almost exclusively green tea. Subsequent research has found that black tea also carries potent health benefits as well, so this and other strong, black breakfast blends are good options for people looking for a healthy drink as well.

Locating the best Irish-style breakfast teas:

There is only so much that can be written about Irish Breakfast tea; if you are interested in this type of tea, one of the best ways to learn about it is to buy some yourself. You can buy blends labeled as "Irish", but you may also enjoy venturing into high-quality loose-leaf Assam, which has a similar character, bold, strong, and dark. I personally find that many of the best teas in the style of Irish Breakfast are the single-estate Assam teas, sold by companies specializing in loose-leaf.

Source by Alex Zorach

Eating Out at Restaurants on the Medifast Diet

I recently received an email from a potential dieter who told me that she was intrigued with the medifast diet and knew some people who had good results on it, she was reluctant to try it because, as an account executive, she was required to have corporate lunches at restaurants and she obviously could not bring along her medifast meals at these outings. So, she feared that this diet was not going to work for her because she had to go to restaurants a lot for her job. Well, you can eat out on medifast. People do it all the time. You just need to switch around the timing of your lean and green meals and make decent choices. I will discuss this more in the following article.

Lean And Green Meals And When You Can Have Them: When you are on medifast, they want for you to eat six small meals. Five of these will be the diet meals that the company ships to you. These don't require hardly any work or preparation. But, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to exclusively eat prepackaged meals all of the time so they ask that you prepare a "lean and green meal" composed of fresh proteins and vegetables once per day.

Many people assume that you have this lean and green meal at dinner time, and this practice is the most common. But, nothing says that you can't take this main meal at lunch time and in a restaurant. As long as you make smart choices, this is going to work out just fine and should not effect your results.

Choosing Your Lean And Green Meal When Eating Out In A Restaurant: The requirements for this meal are actually pretty simple. If you're having beef, pork or lamb, you can consume five ounces of it. If you've having chicken, turkey or fish, you can have up to seven ounces. The rule of thumb here is the well known serving size that is about the size of a deck of cards.

In addition to your protein, you're allowed three servings of vegetables. Most people will add a salad and a low glycemic vegetable like green beans, but there are pretty clear instructions that come with your foods. Basically, you're not going to want to eat junk food when you eat out, but if you chose the healthy options that most restaurants offer, you should be OK.

Just try to avoid heavy sauces and have your salad dressing on the side. You can even do fast food if you're smart about it. Grilled chicken with green beans and a side salad is available at most fast food places. A salad with chicken and low calorie dressing is a sound choice here also as is a lean stir fry.

Now, there are sometimes going to be occasions where you may have to cheat a little bit. This is OK. Because by and large and overall, you are going to be taking in much fewer calories and carbs than what is normal for you when you average everything out. Everyone cheats sometimes. The key is just to get back on track as soon as you can and to move on. A few lunches out is not going to throw everything off track, especially if you are compliant for the rest of the day.

Source by Lindsey Price

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