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Table of Glycemic Index Values

One of the most important aspects in all human’s lives is to eat correctly in order to strive for optimum health. People suffering from diabetes should most definitely consider eating low glycemic index foods. There is a fortune of information relating to low GI eating and can be viewed on the internet as well as in various comprehensive GI books. If you want to increase your health then read the table of glycemic index values which is not a restrictive diet but a healthier way of eating.

Here is a basic table for everyday commonly used foods which indicate a low glycemic index value and these foods are well suited to those that are diabetic as well as those trying to lose weight. You can still enjoy your foods; all you need to do is measure the value of the foods you consume. All the foods mentioned below are low glycemic indexes such as:

Beans, Legumes and grains

• Golden oats

• Pizza beans

• White chili

• Crock pot refried beans

• Breakfast cookies

• Bulgur stuffing


• Oat waffles or pancakes

• Pancakes

• Italian bread crumbs

• Whole grain breads

Pastries and desserts

• Lemon pie

• Pie crust made from Special K

• Cheesecake

• Apple pie

• Eggnog pudding

• No bake chocolate cookies


• Scalloped sweet potatoes

• Pasta shells stuffed with sausage and spinach

• Sweet potato casserole

• Beef casserole

• Creamy beef with peppers

Fish, Eggs and Poultry

• Chicken a la king

• Lentils and aromatic chicken

• Cheese souffle

• Taco and chicken filling

• Chicken based in balsamic vinegar

• Roasted lemon chicken

• Supreme shirred eggs

Salads and salad dressings

• Crunchy pea and cheese salad

• Tuscan tuna and bean salad

• Japanese vegetable salad

• Blue cheese salad dressing

• Thousand island salad dressing

• Tzatziki sauce

• Balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Stews and soups

• Blue cheese and sweet potato soup

• Sausage, red bean and barley stew

• Egg drop soup

• Tomato bisque

• Hungarian barley beef stew

• Beef and vegetable stew

The above table of glycemic index values is only a short list, as the list is really lengthy and in order to view the complete list you should go online. Diabetics should maintain their blood sugar levels within the normal limits which will prevent any complications such as impaired vision, cardiovascular disease, blindness and neuropathy as well as kidney failure. Using the glycemic index diabetic can tailor a healthy diet plan.

Diet is very important when managing diabetes. Diabetics are able to manage their condition well just with exercise and the correct diet and maintain their blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates in specific when broken down turns to glucose and cause a sudden blood sugar spike. It is important for Type II diabetics to follow a suitable table of glycemic index values to help lower blood sugar levels. An excessive amount of sugar in the blood stream can lead to diabetic complications.

Source by Michelle Reynolds

Master Cleanse diet Solution For Teens

The alarming percentage of overweight and obesity in teens has caused nations around the world to take a serious look at what we are eating and the effect on our lives. For most teens, diets are not recommended as young people need a certain amount of a nutritional balanced diet to grow and develop their body and their brains. Yet with the growing concern there is a solution to safe and healthy diet for teens. Master cleanse detox diet can offer your teen a quick and easy way to not only lose weight but to cleanse the body of harmful toxins and chemicals found in fast foods, junk foods and processed meals that teens can be eating all day.

Master cleanse is a formula that requires drinking a large glass of a special fusion of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and pure filtered water taken at least 10 to 12 times each day over a very short period of time. This is a detox plan that a teen can afford to take for 3 days or less and see result fast. Most adults will have problems taking the master cleanse formula to cleanse their organs and restore their health for that long so a teen could take this regime for one day and every other day.

It is essential that an overweight teen be committed to stay away from their regular dietary choice of foods and start to incorporate freshly squeezed fruit juices, raw vegetables, and fresh fruit during the master cleanse diet plan. Under close supervision of their parent or guardian, an unhappy overweight teen can see their self esteem begin to increase, substantial diet of up to 2 pounds a day and restore their body to a natural balance of health and wellness. Another benefit that teens will experience is the all too common problem of acne will disappear as their body will hydrate and flush away the fat deposits and toxins that can cause acne, skin inflammations and irritations. Master cleanse detox diet for teens with weight challenges will also experience increased levels of energy and eliminate fatigue and sluggishness. By gaining more energy, teens will want to be more engage in all they need to do to be their best.

It is also recommended that light exercise such as walking, yoga, or swimming be used to keep active and ensure their success. With your help and guidance as a parent or guardian, you can encourage your teen to take control of their life by taking action in dealing with their problems in losing weight.

Source by Cheryl Maisy

Get Flat Abs and Lose Weight With a Detox Diet

The fastest way to get flat abs and lose weight is to use a detox diet. Your diet can be greatly compromised when life becomes too busy and you are bombarded with increasing levels of stress. If you would like to get flat abs try a detox diet which will support your energy levels, revitalize your system and burn belly fat.

Through daily living, the human body is always exposed to toxins and pollutants found in the environment as well as in the food we eat. If your system is overloaded with toxins and cannot remove them naturally it will deposit them in fatty tissue adding to body and belly fat making it very difficult to get flat abs and burn fat.

The human body has a complex system composed of skin, lungs, intestines, kidneys and liver to help eliminate the toxins. The liver found in the digestive system works very hard to detoxify and purify the body and release stored and trapped toxins. If the liver is overburdened with toxins your metabolism will be sluggish. To get a flat belly a detox diet will support liver cleansing so this organ can work more efficiently to burn fat.

Detoxifying is directly associated to the food we eat and in order to lose weight and get flat abs eating an organic and nutritious diet will aid in the cleansing. A typical detox diet takes 7-14 days and can be implemented at least 3-4 times every year. If you really want flat abs fast you can fast for the first 24 hours on fruit or veggie juice or soup. This gives your digestive system a great break and time to heal. Check with your medical doctor first.

When you are under-going a detox diet, you need to refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol. Alcohol is full of sugar and works against getting flat abs and losing weight. It's also a good idea to reduce caffeine intake and if you can, cut it out completely. You should also avoid eating any processed foods because of the low nutritional value. Drink lots of fluids to effectively remove toxins in the body. When I say fluids I mean water and herbal teas. For a detox diet you need to drink 1.8 liters of water everyday.

To get Flat Abs Eat these Foods

Taking a detox diet does not mean that you will skip your meals. You can still eat three times a day; however, for the first two days eat only organic vegetables and fruit. Do not eat fruit with any other foods. Eat it alone. If you suffer from Candida you need to fore-go the fruit and eat only vegetables and some brown rice. This will enable you to keep your usual energy levels throughout the day.

Some of the foods that should be part of your meal while detoxifying are: brown rice, quinoa, beans, lentils, buckwheat, fish, tofu, green leafy vegetables, carrots, fennel, leeks, kiwi fruit, grapes, watermelon, pineapple, strawberries , mango and green apples.

To successfully get flat abs on a detox diet, you need to avoid all fried and fatty foods, all dairy products, white bread, white rice, white flour, carbonated drinks and all processed foods and sweets.

A detox diet promises a lot of healthy benefits for your body and internal organs. This kind of diet can sweep away toxins and give you more energy and vitality and a flatter belly. Just eliminating sugar alone will restore your health.

Discover more about flat abs and losing weight with a detox diet.

Source by Kelly Beck

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