Dirty trick to end a fight in 3 sec

Listen: I hope you never need to know this…

However the statistics say you’re probably going to face a violent attacker or a bully who means you real harm.

And I don’t want you to wonder what to do.

I especially don’t want you to get sucked into their game.

I’d rather see you “fight dirty”, knock your attacker on his butt in seconds… and get the hell outta dodge…

Here’s how:

=> End a fight in 3 seconds flat

I learned a couple of these special forces fight tricks last summer. They’re pretty powerful.

These are the same techniques taught to the SEALs and Delta Force in the USA, British SAS, Canada’s JTF-2, Israeli Special Forces, Australia’s Tactical Assault Group and every other tier 1 spec ops unit around the world… 

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