Magnetic Refrigerator Chalkboard Dry Erase Diet / Health / Nutrition / Exercise /Activity / Chore and More Chart 11.5″ X 16.5″ Plus a FREE Chalk Marker

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Our Versatile Exercise Chart is 11.5″ X 16.5″ and has been designed with a solid black background just like a real chalk board while still having all the benefits of dry erase. Its large design is awesome for keeping track of your fitness schedule. This is perfect to keep track of multiple schedules or just your own; it can be used by one person, or multiple people, and the best part is, it’s so easy to use and understand. Whether it’s your yoga class, the gym, walking for an hour, biking and/or hiking, this chart will help you stay on track of all your achievements. Keep everyone in the loop about activity schedules, exercise, diet and more. This is a great way for you to have a visual of what need to do to reach your goals. Don’t be fooled by other cheaper magnetic charts… Our magnet is extra thick and made from 30mil roll sheeting compared to most other magnet sheets that are only 10 mil or 20mil. This chart also has a full strong and sturdy magnet on the back not like some of the other magnetic boards that only have small magnets. We do not roll our magnets; we ship ours flat and well packaged to avoid damages. Avoid peeled edges and curling from other magnetic sheets that ship rolled! Unlike most others; our magnets are printed right here in North America. The dry erase surface allows you to write draw and wipe clean over and over again. Make sure to wipe clean with a dry paper towel. * We recommend using quality fine tip neon liquid chalk markers or neon or pastel dry erase markers as regular dry erase markers are not as visible on darker boards. We strive on our customer’s satisfaction that’s why we’ve designed great products and guarantee happy customers, just check our ratings :)”ONE FREE MARKER”… We’ve included one of the very BEST markers we could find. The “Marvy Uchida Bistro” chalk marker …valued at $6 /$8 each has outperformed all other name AND no-name brands that we tested. Our Chart’s design of 11.5″ X 16.5″ makes for lots of space to keep track of everyone’s fitness / activity schedules in a fun and colourful way. It makes it so easy to chart your weekly accomplishments and goals so you can easily see how well you are meeting you own expectations!
“CHART YOUR PROGRESS”… Did you exercise today? Of course you did, check it off. Did you miss your spin class? No it’s on Thursday; check it off after you go. How many calories did you have today? Do you have carry over calories from yesterday? Write the number down. Servings of protein and vegetables? Done, check those off too! Check out our pictures for different scheduling schemes
“TWO WEEK FORMAT”… We’ve designed this chart so it can be used in multiple scheduling ways if needed. More than one person can chart their fitness goals and this chart can be split into a two week/14day format. This Exercise Chart has been designed to make it easy for everyone to keep track of workouts, spin classes, outdoor activities, and more with a wipe of a cloth!
“FITNESS STARTS IN THE KITCHEN!”… With a full magnet on the back, this chart is perfect for your fridge as a daily reminder/check list to help you meet your fitness goals. But it can be placed anywhere, at work, the office, the den, garage, next to your workout space, etc..

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