NEOPRENE SLIMMING BELT- One Size Fits Most – Targets Fat around Waist / Belly / Stomach Sontanas Cellulite Fat Burner

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At Sontana UK Quality is our First and Foremost Target, Second its that fat you want to loose, the Quality of Sontanas Neoprene Slimming belt is a sure winner the moment you slip it on. If you are looking to lose weight or someone who requires extra back support in your everyday activities, this Sontana Neoprene Slimming & Support Belt has a total non restrictive movement and the fit.

diet Fanatics agree Neoprene’s body heat retention quality provides an easier way to slimming and also one of the better types of treatment when dealing with cramped muscles, aches and pains and sore joints. Added heat retention helps increase blood circulation which is extremely important in the slimming & or healing process of your Body. Sontanas Neoprene Belt SONCELL007 offers you the best quality at the best price.

If you are a little overweight and wish to lose pounds around the waist and hips, then use the Sontana neoprene slimming belt aid to support diet as well as your lower back and bottom area, help.

The compression wrap support provides stability and warmth, helping promote flexibility and reducing chance of further injury.

Simply adjusts via a large Velcro – stick closure so you can easily fine-tune the fit. Rinse in warm water after each use to NEVER MACHINE WASH OR TUMBLE DRY, this will lose the elasticity of your belt

One size fits most we do have XXL but please enquire in confidence

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