Svêlo® diet Shakes | Delicious Meal Replacement High Protein Nutrition Slimming Diet Drink Mix for Women and Men | Silk Chocolate Flavor

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When we formulated SvêloTM Meal Replacement Shakes, we knew what you were looking for: A convenient and low-calorie shake that you actually look forward to drinking each and every day. But we didn’t stop there.

We know that burning more calories than you take in (the diet formula) can be tough! Not only that, it can be counterproductive as caloric-restriction leads you to binging, a slowed metabolism, and feeling ‘hangry’ most of the time. So, in only 100 calories, we packed Svêlo with nutrition, ensured a delicious taste, and added powerful ingredients that work to make burning more calories and eating less both achievable and effective.

Svêlo is powered by SKNYTM, a proprietary blend designed to REV your metabolism and CURB your appetite. While many available treatments for diet include prescription drugs or over-the-counter agents that pose potential threats to your health, SKNYTM is a next-generation blend consisting of ingredients that have shown time and again to be both effective and safe.

Combine SKNYTM with high-quality, nutritive ingredients, and you’ve got a powerful meal replacement that will FUEL your body for hours.

Svêlo’s powerful SKNYTM proprietary blend begins with the time-tested, thermogenic booster, Advantra Z. Supported by more than 30 research studies since 1996, Advantra Z has shown to be both safe and effective at providing the following benefits:

  • Stimulating thermogenesis
  • Reducing weight
  • Increasing the ratio of lean muscle to total body mass
  • Improving athletic performance
  • Suppressing appetite

Derived from the immature bitter orange fruit (a GRAS – or generally accepted as safe – ingredient), Advantra Z stimulates metabolic processes thus providing more energy while increasing lipolysis (breakdown of fat). Additionally, studies show that users do not experience increased heart rate or blood pressure.

BURN MORE, EAT LESS: Delicious meal replacement shake formulated to aid in diet | 30 servings
REV: Powerful metabolism booster may help burn calories while increasing lean muscle mass & energy
CURB: Strong appetite suppressant & satiety aid may curb hunger and crush cravings for up to 4 hours
FUEL: A complete meal in 100 calories, 12g whey protein, 7g fiber, essential vitamins and minerals
CUSTOMERS SAY: This stuff works amazingly well! | With a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, why not try?

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