WonderSlim EasyStart 3-Day Diet & diet Kit

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Need a quick diet solution or a great plateau breaker? The EasyStart Premium 3-Day Diet/diet Kit from WonderSlim provides an easy-to-follow plan, with everything you need in a convenient, affordable package. Our products are comparable to Medifast products. Best of all, our Premium 3-Day Kit is covered by our industry-unique 150% Satisfaction Guarantee.9 Meal Replacement Shakes: Each 100 calorie serving supplies 15 grams of sustained-release protein, low fat & carbs, and 24 essential vitamins and minerals.
3 Breakfasts: Start your day right with a delicious portion-controlled breakfast that is high in protein, with just the right balance of carbohydrates and fat.
3 Lunch Soups & Entrees: Satisfy your mid-day meal with a convenient portion-controlled lunch designed to provide high protein to help control hunger.
3 Snacks: Curb your afternoon cravings with a guilt-free, high protein snack or snack bar.
3 Desserts: Enjoy a decadent, high protein cake or pudding, in a perfectly sized portion. All products are comparable to Medifast

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